Ooze identity design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand.
Dasko signage design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand.
Dasko flyer template design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand.
Dasko brochure design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand.

Packaging design for Dasko's Excel range of products.

Dasko. Brand development, website, signage, marketing material and packaging.

Dasko are a family-owned auto-electrical parts business that were about to make a significant investment in the company's future by moving its head office and opening a large new warehouse in Auckland. They asked us to help them reposition and refresh the company brand and enhance the appeal and effectiveness of their marketing communications, both in print and online.

We saw the obvious opportunity to simplify the company's brand architecture which was overly complicated and had diluted brand recognition and understanding as a consequence. With a much simpler system in place, we then refined the original brand identity to give it a stronger visual presence and make it much more robust in application.

The simplified brand architecture and refreshed brand identity was rolled out across the usual range of core business stationery items, signage, catalogues and flyers, a new website and new packaging for their Excel branded product range.
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