Endace. Presentation kit.

Endace wanted us to create a highly impactful and memorable sales kit that would include a targeted sales brochure, a folder for data sheets and a brand book that would help explain who they were and why they worked the way they do, particularly for use in their initial dealings with foreign companies (who might find dealing with a New Zealand company somewhat out of the ordinary). As an exporter from the antipodes, it was important the brand could help explain why Endace was so very different from most of its competitors, and why it was often able to solve problems that others could not. The story of Sir Edmund Hillary's conquest of Everest and his abiding modesty and generosity places Endace's unrivaled technical achievements alongside its low key and unassuming New Zealand character in perfect context. We packaged the kit in a transparent orange acrylic slip case.


A Best Awards winner
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