Let's Remember packaging design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand. Let's Remember packaging design by Everything. Auckland, New Zealand.

Let's Talk. Let's Remember activity kit naming, brand development, product development and packaging.

The original brief was to design a board game-like activity to help children (ages ranging from four up to teenagers) manage the loss of someone special in their lives through providing a safe framework for therapeutic conversation.

The visual tone of the activity had to be given very careful consideration as the fonts, colours and shapes used had to feel upbeat in nature but just as importantly had to be accepted by vastly different ages groups.

We set out to completely reformat the activity in a way that was fun and interactive. We took the activity away from a floor based board-game and turned it into a set of electrostatically charged cloud shapes that were derived from the identity and name we had created — 'Let's Remember'.

Printed cloud shapes were designed as title clouds for each stage of the activity. Blank cloud shapes were used by those taking part to write stories or draw pictures (that reminded them of their special person) that would be placed on a wall under the title clouds to create a record of the session and a visual focal point.

The surface of the clouds can be drawn on with dry-wipe markers and the electrostatic nature of the material allows the set to be repositioned and reused without leaving any marks.

The result is a highly engaging, innovative, kit-based activity that can be used by families and professional counsellors alike.


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